Fixing the GtkTreeModel::row-deleted inconsistency


In the past all GtkTreeModels used to emit the row-deleted signal *after* a
node had been fully deleted from the internal data structures.  This means
that it is not possible to get an iter to that node any longer.  When
fixing up the GtkTreeModelSort and GtkTreeModelFilter long ago, it appeared
that emitting row-deleted after deleting the node is troublesome.  These
models implement their own reference counting (the ref_node and unref_node
methods), and on deletion of a node some objects (GtkTreeView in
particular) have to release their last references to the node.  For this
they need the iterator, which is not available anymore.

We ended up changing the sort and filter models to emit the row-deleted
signal *before* deleting the nodes.  Later on people implementing their own
GtkTreeModels with reference counting hit the same problem and at some
point a note was added to the API documentation, saying that
implementations of GtkTreemodel must emit row-deleted prior to removing
the node.

Currently this behavior is inconsistent in GTK+, as the GtkListStore and
GtkTreeStore still emit row-deleted *after* deleting a node.  For the sake
of consistency I would like to modify both models to also emit row-deleted
before deleting a node.  This will also allow for other applications to
release their references to objects in a model row before a row is really
deleted.  It does however change the behavior if you are iterating
through the model, the row in the process of being deleted will still be
"visible", where it was "invisible" before.

Any objections?  I intend to make this change before the 2.12 release.



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