Re: ideas on improving the performance of gtk_tree_view

2007/3/27, Nicolas Setton <setton adacore com>:

> Nicolas, can you get another profile using Markku's patch?

Most certainly!

A couple of preliminary remarks.

I have observed a startup time increase of between 20% and 30%.

When scrolling, here is what I observed:
   - when displaying the selected row, performance is as bad as
before (scrollbars take between 5 and 15 seconds to react)
   - when not displaying the selected row, performance is acceptable
(scrollbars take between 0 and 2 seconds to react, and I'm compiling
at -O0)

An interesting point to note is that this seems due to the drawing of
the keyboard input rectangle (the dotted lines rectangle): when I
select a row with the mouse, the interface is snappy, both for
selecting and for scrolling (between 0 and 2 seconds response time),
but when I then change the selected row using Up or Down keys, the
interface takes around 10 seconds to highlight the newly selected row.
Maybe the experts will have an idea why this is so?

What's your Cairo version? The input focus rectangle has been
identified as a performance problem some time ago:
"Another thing we identified at GUADEC is that the dashed stroke for
the focus rectangle that GTK+ uses is also a performance problem. This
is another case that we should ensure is going through the fast path
for whole-pixel regions."

though I *think* it has been adressed since. But if you are running
1.4, that would hint that it still is a problem.

P.S. The performance-list[1] might be a better place for this discussion...


Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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