Re: Supporting Gtk+ Maintenance

El jue, 15-03-2007 a las 14:20 +0530, मयंक जैन (makuchaku) escribió:

> I would be happy to volunteer towards maintainence of GTK+.

Wow, thanks!

Here's a task for you to get started.  It will take you several days,
but hopefully it will be fun :)

Go to and look at
the sidebar on the right, where it says "Patch Status".

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to do this:

- Get the latest GTK+ from svn trunk.

- Go through each of the unreviewed patches and classify them

	- obsolete patch which does not apply "as-is" to the sources
	  (you can use "patch --dry-run" to test this easily without
	  screwing up your source tree)
	- big patch which needs detailed testing/review
	- small patch which could be tested/reviewed in a few minutes

(you can put this classification in the "Status Whiteboard" field in
each bug.  Alternatively, see below for the "Target Milestone" field.)

- Try to group the patches by functional area; something like "patches
for drag and drop", "patches for geometry management", etc.

- Some patches add new APIs.  We use the "Target Milestone" field in
bugs to indicate whether a bug is to be fixed for a particular GTK+
release, or whether we don't have a release in mind but the bug is an
API addition, a small or big fix, etc.  If you find patches in bugs
which do not have a "Target Milestone" set, please set that field

This will let us use our time more effectively.  Whenever a GTK+
developer has a few minutes, he can look at the list of "little patches"
and test some of them.  When someone has a free afternoon, he can look
at the "big patches", etc.


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