Re: GtkBuilder Public API - Last call

On Tue, 2007-06-12 at 19:38 -0300, Johan Dahlin wrote:

> > So what about some "GtkBuiltDialog" object class which would do that
> > automatically, while taking care of the dialog properties, and so being
> > able to inherit from it to ease the creation of such dialogs ?
> [..]
> > Do you like the idea ?
> Are you suggesting that this should be included in Gtk+ on top of GtkBuilder?

Yes that's the idea, if the use-case is common enough and considered as
a "good practice".

At least doing such a thing should be easy by allowing to map an object
properties to an object in the glade file, like:

gtk_builder_update_object_properties (widget, "widget-name");

then it would just be a matter of getting the first child of
"widget-name" and then updating its properties. Also, maybe an helper
function to do that would be sufficient instead of a full-blown class,
so that it can just be called in my_dialog_init to add the child widget
and update its properties according to what's specified in the glade

Sorry if I'm not clear enough.

Steve Fr�naux

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