Re: GtkBuilder Public API - Last call

On 6/12/07, Johan Dahlin <jdahlin async com br> wrote:
Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Is the Hello, World simplest use case as short and simple as it possibly
> could be? That's always a handy final litmus test for an API.

How do you do an hello world in a ui toolkit?
Should it include signals? How many widgets?

> From the header it looks like the simplest hello, world would have to
> builder_new, add_from_file, connect_signals, get_object at minimum?
> Maybe there's a convenience function or two that makes sense?

builder_new + add_from_file could be combined into one constructor,
I've been thinking about that, which would make it easier to
port applications using libglade which has such an api.

You could combine it with get_object too, to arrive at

GObject *
gtk_builder_load_object_from_file (const gchar *filename,
                                                     const gchar *name);

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