Re: Multiple GdkScreens?

ok, thanks, that answers my questions.


On 7/30/07, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Pascal Schoenhardt wrote:
> > As far as I know, the number
> > of screens in X is hard coded to 1, and always will be (hence
> > xinerama, and now RandR 1.2).
> It isn't hardcoded to 1 in X, there can be multiple.
> There's no real reason to have multiple and few people do it anymore,
> but in the days before Xinerama people used to do multiple monitors by
> having multiple screens. There are probably still people running various
> kinds of legacy apps or hardware that use multiple screens.
> > Are there other platforms on which Gdk may have more than one screen?
> > Or if multiple X servers are running, with multiple copies of Gnome,
> > do they still share the same gdk?
> Multiple X servers would show up as multiple GdkDisplay.
> The way to think of a screen is that it's a root window (a window with
> no parent). Xinerama spreads a root window across multiple monitors, but
> with multiple screens you have multiple root windows.
> Back in the day one reason for multiple screens was to use a different
> visual (color depth, etc.) on each screen. Since each window has a fixed
> visual, if you have two root windows one could be say 256-color for
> email and stuff, and one could be your 3D graphics.
> Nowadays almost nobody cares what the visual is, they just always use a
> 24-bit color depth for everything.
> Havoc

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