Re: GTK internals

thanks but i didn't find gtk_parse_args calling gdk_parse_args:
     gtk_parse_args (int    *argc,
             char ***argv)
       GOptionContext *option_context;
       GOptionGroup *gtk_group;
       GError *error = NULL;
       if (gtk_initialized)
         return TRUE;
       gettext_initialization ();
       if (!check_setugid ())
         return FALSE;
       option_context = g_option_context_new (NULL);
       g_option_context_set_ignore_unknown_options (option_context, TRUE);
       g_option_context_set_help_enabled (option_context, FALSE);
       gtk_group = gtk_get_option_group (FALSE);
       g_option_context_set_main_group (option_context, gtk_group);
       if (!g_option_context_parse (option_context, argc, argv, &error))
           g_warning ("%s", error->message);
           g_error_free (error);
       g_option_context_free (option_context);
       return TRUE;

one more doubt :
in function  do_pre_parse_initialization (int    *argc,  char ***argv),
gtk_main_do_event is being registered using following function 

gdk_event_handler_set ((GdkEventFunc)gtk_main_do_event, NULL, NULL);
gdk_event_handler_set registers this with itself in a variable 

gdk_event_handler_set (GdkEventFunc   func,
                gpointer       data,
               GDestroyNotify notify)
   if (_gdk_event_notify)
     (*_gdk_event_notify) (_gdk_event_data);
   _gdk_event_func = func;
  _gdk_event_data = data;
  _gdk_event_notify = notify;
and definition of gtk_main_do_event starts with : void  gtk_main_do_event
(GdkEvent *event)

but when you look at file gdkevent-x11.c, gtk_main_do_event is being called
with 2 arguments:
 if (event)
      if (_gdk_event_func)
                (*_gdk_event_func) (event, _gdk_event_data);

      gdk_event_free (event);

how is this possible?

muppet wrote:
> varun_shrivastava wrote:
>> but how gtk takes care of calling gdk_init is a mystery to me, as we
>> never
>> call gdk_init from our gtk program. [we only call gtk_init() ]
>> Can any one provide a view to that?
> grep just a little further, and your answers are right there.
> gdk_init() calls gdk_init_check();
> gdk_init_check() calls gdk_parse_args();
> gdk_parse_args() is where gdk initialization actually happens
> gtk_init() calls gtk_init_check();
> gtk_init_check() calls gtk_parse_args()
> gtk_parse_args() calls gdk_parse_args()
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