Re: How "Tab" brings widgets into focus


but one doubt still remains about GtkBindingSet structure which was
initialized at the time of gtk_window_class_init, where its being used or
how its being used?

muppet wrote:
> On Jul 18, 2007, at 9:02 AM, varun_shrivastava wrote:
>> so which of the GtkWidget "focus" signal handler is being called  
>> the default
>> one or the overridden one in GtkContainer class.
> An overridden handler always gets called, and has the option to chain  
> up to the default.
> gtk_container_focus() handles two cases: 1) the container itself can  
> take focus, and 2) the container cannot take focus, but perhaps its  
> children can.  The point of overriding this method for a container,  
> then, is to pass the focus on to a child.
> set-focus-child is a container-specific method to allow container  
> implementations to control which child of the container has or will  
> get focus.  In gtk_container_focus_move(), the focus_child is used as  
> the start point for finding the next item in the focus chain.
> For example:
>     focus chain:   A, B, C, D
>     focus child:  B
>     gtk_container_focus_move(forward) will see that the current focus  
> child is B, and focus C next.
> So, set-focus-child is not involved in the call chain resulting from  
> the user hitting the Tab key, but instead can be used by a widget to  
> control programmatically what widget in a specific container will get  
> focus when the user does hit the Tab key.
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