Re: Blacklisting themes?

On Wed, 2007-04-07 at 01:48 +0200, Milosz Derezynski wrote:
> Reminds me all of
> I'm not sure this ever got a proper audit and all themes in general
> could need one. 

s/themes/engines/ !

And none of the engines in gtk-engines is exporting anything currently.
Might not be the ideal solution to mark all functions as internal
separately, but it _does_ work. *And* as my comment in the bug states,
the engines in gtk-engines do get tested for this during "make check".

If you want to do something in this area, get all the non gtk-engines
engines fixed ... (eg. UbuntuLooks)

> Does there exist a unittest suite for theme engines (and yeah i gues i
> just volunteered to write one if it doesn't. heh :) ?

Well, maybe it does not go trough as a "unittest" (I don't know what the
real definition is) but we *do* have a test. And a large part of the
code paths _are_ tested [1] (except for smooth).



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