gdk-pixbuf.loaders in gtk+-2.10.7

Hi all.

It appears that gtk+-2.10.7 generates a version of the file gdk-pixbuf.loaders which does not contain support for .svg files.

I built gtk+-2.10.7 from source and tried to install it (a newer GTK+ was needed so I could build gnome-games from source). After I installed it, I found that games could not load .svg images, and I traced the problem to the file gdk-pixbuf.loaders. The copy of the file with the source distribution for gtk had no entry to handle .svg files. When I compared with a different machine, I was able to find a version of that file which did define handling for .svg, so in the short run I just copied the file over from the other mahchine. I can now load .svg files appropriately on my box, but I wonder whether there's some reason (other than oversight) that the default build of gtk+ doesn't handle svg files.

I'm not suscribed to the list, so please cc me on any replies; and if this doesn't belong on the dev list, please accept my apologies, but I would appreciate any feedback as to where I should as such questions.



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