RE: Porting GTK libraries

Yes we have,

We used scratchbox and it comes with a perl dev-kit.  It was fairly
easy.  Basically set it up, log in, install some dev-kits, (compiler,
etc) and then just down load glade plus all of the dependencies with

--David Moffatt.

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Hi to all,

I'm trying to port the gtk libs on a PPC 6xx system with a SM501 graphic
I've been able to port the microwindows (nano-x) libs using the
framebuffer interface, but I would like to use Gtk.

I'm having trouble with the absence of the perl subsystem, makefiles and
some kind of recursion in the 'make' phase.

Do you know if someone else has already ported Gtk on a different
architecture than i386 using the framebuffer device in an embedded
environment ?

Roberto Mantovani

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