Help request


I am seeking a bounty hunter ...
I can offer a menial bounty of $25 AUD on this request.

I have developed a problem with my XPM buttons for time code ... I
believe the error is in this package of mine :

It first occurred when I upgraded my GTK+ library ... unfortunatly I
don't have time to find the bug and patch it myself.

This button XPM class is usefull with the time-code package of mine as
it allows one to controll a musical sequencer ... but the buttons of
the time code need to image XPMs ... as time is constantly changing
Further the package is great for aligning and shifting sounds in real
time as the numbers shift and loop ...

I am after a diff file to fix the XPM initialisation files :

The actual Pixmap is included in the file, xpm/play.xpm, and looks like so :

static char *playXPM[] = {
/* width height ncolors chars_per_pixel */
"68 47 5 1",
/* colors */
"` c #FFD600",
"a c #7F3000",
"b c #FFFFFF",
"c c #FFFF00",
"d c #008E00",
/* pixels */
... SNIP ...


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