alternative button order: Why don't we auto-guess the alternative order by default if appropriate?

I wonder why we don't check for the alternative button order in
and automatically prepend the button iff
returns TRUE.

Developers can still override the automatically determined order with 

I'm mainly asking because in 99% of the cases one wants the alternative
order to be reverse from the original order, and it seems to be weird to
require all application authors that want to integrate with all
environments to add a few extra calls for each dialog, where we could
just make a good auto-guess.

Maybe sb. could explain why the API was chosen to be that way, and
requires manual calls for each dialog? If I had to decide how the API
would look, I'd just listen for xsetting changes and reorder them
automatically upon change.

Maybe I'm missing something important here? Of course one could argue
that the strategy I proposed above won't work if the xsetting changes
between addition of two buttons, but that's rather pathologic, right?
We could also cache the original value (when the first button was added)
to not confuse the order.

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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