Re: Reference window manager (was: Automatically minimizing owned windows)

Owen Taylor writes:
 > Remember, many of hints in the NET WM spec and to a lesser extent in
 > the ICCCM are semantic ... they, for example, say that the application
 > is wants a window to be treated as a "utility window" but they don't
 > define what the behavior should be such for windows. 
 > So the search for a standard behavior that you can emulate exactly
 > may be elusive.

Hmm, true. But I would have hoped that window managers would at least
agree on what to do when an app wants dialog windows to stay on top of
a "main" window they have been set as transient for. But alas, the
rather trivial sample program (attached to behaves quite
differently on KDE and GNOME.

Or actually, Yosh pointed out that the above sample program is a bit
pathological, it creates a non-dialog window as transient for a dialog
window. If I change it to create the transient window as a dialog
window instead (gtk_dialog_new() instead of
gtk_window_new(GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)), I get the expected behaviour on
metacity, too.


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