Reference window manager (was: Automatically minimizing owned windows)

Tor Lillqvist writes:
 > if that's what the same application code does with a correctly
 > functioning window manager on X11

By the way, what window managers are known to implement the ICCC and
(extended) window manager hints specs *correctly* on X11? Is there
some minimal reference window manager that doesn't bother with eye
candy or user tweakability at all, but follows all applicable specs to
the letter?

(Hopefully it should also give warning messages if an application
tries to do things in a way that is against some spec, instead of just
silently ignoring the problem, or doing a "bug compatibility" dance.)

It's quite frustrating to try to fix problems in the GTK+ Win32
backend when it turns out people gets wildly varying behaviour when
they test trivialish sample programs on X11 depending on whether they
use GNOME (metacity) or KDE.

(Nobody would use such a window manager for their normal desktop,
presumably, but only for reference inside Xnest etc.)


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