Re: printing dialog update...

2007/7/26, peter sikking <peter mmiworks net>:
Hey Sean,

third time lucky.

> I've said it before on your blog, and I'll say it again:
> The drop-down for printer selection WILL NOT WORK!

there is no need to shout.

From working on this project with the pros from the printer
manufacturers, I know that there are organisations where all
worldwide printers live in the same network zone. That is
10.000 (or was it 100.000) printers.

That pop-up list will contain the printers that are installed,
not all the ones on the network.

Errr I thought that we were moving towards a zeroconf /bluetooth model where hardware is discovered and exposed on the ui automatically. I find the Installed/available split artifitial and far for being JustWorks(tm) compilant.

Are you taking into account this hardware behaviour somehow?

BTW, even if I think that the proposals needs work, I think that the progress you've been doing is remarkable,  keep up the good work.

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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