GLib+OS X=Disaster


My name is Hunter Freyer, and I'm an employee at Red Hat.  I'm currently working on some software for OS X that uses a library depending on GLib.  I decided the best way to work with this is to make a framework bundle for GLib.  I've been fixing the little errors that come up for a while now when I got this:

/Users/hjfreyer/GLib/Source/gthread/gthread-posix.c:97:3: error: #error This should not happen. Contact the GLib team.

The block of code throwing it looks like this:
# define posix_error(what) (what)
# define mutexattr_default NULL
# define condattr_default NULL
#elif defined(G_THREADS_IMPL_DCE)
# define posix_error(what) ((what) == -1 ? errno : 0)
# define pthread_key_create(a, b) pthread_keycreate (a, b)
# define pthread_attr_init(a) pthread_attr_create (a)
# define pthread_attr_destroy(a) pthread_attr_delete (a)
# define pthread_create(a, b, c, d) pthread_create (a, *b, c, d)
# define mutexattr_default (pthread_mutexattr_default)
# define condattr_default (pthread_condattr_default)
#else /* neither G_THREADS_IMPL_POSIX nor G_THREADS_IMPL_DCE are defined */
# error This should not happen. Contact the GLib team.

I'm running OS X.4 (Intel), and I've been building this from the glib tarball for v2.13.4 .  I ./configured the tarball, and I've been copy-pasting the sources into my .framework project.  I can't think of why posix threads aren't being selected here.  Is this a known issue? Any ideas?

Also: is there an IRC channel I could reach you guys in?

Hunter Freyer
hjfreyer gmail com
245 E. 11th St, #3K
New York, NY 10003
(617) 791-5456

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