Re: goocanvas notes


btw, what are the other "contender" canvases for gtk? I looked at GooCanvas since it seems to be moving along and I'm guessing Damon would be willing to go through some review iterations, get it into gtk, and maintain it there. Damon if I'm assuming too much please advise.

While I like several aspects of HippoCanvas, it is not complete and doesn't have anyone behind it who will go through review iterations, evolve and maintain it, beyond "what sugar and mugshot need," so I would say it's not on the table for gtk. For people interested in helping review and get in a canvas widget, though, I'd encourage looking at HippoCanvas and reading the TODO file for it, just to help fold the ideas people like into the eventual GTK canvas(es).

Are there other codebases that people would propose as starting points for a gtk-includable canvas, that come with someone willing to incorporate review comments and maintain the widget post-gtk-inclusion?

Maybe if we can narrow it down and start talking about actual code, specific comments / changes to the code, and point to specific names to maintain each codebase, we can make things easier for the gtk maintainers.

Something like:
 - get a few reviews and comments on candidate codebases
 - iterate codebases accordingly
 - try to get a couple real-world apps to try them out
 - iterate accordingly
 - get review and feedback from gtk maintainers
 - iterate accordingly
 - submit resulting mature and well-reviewed codebase to gtk bugzilla

If that makes sense, I'd suggest that others review and write up their thinking on GooCanvas, perhaps reading some of the old threads, Piccolo, HippoCanvas, etc. as background material. And also if there are other canvas maintainers who want to put their hat in the ring, they should probably speak up.


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