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( Sorry Martyn for sending that message twice - do you have a hint how to tell Thunderbird to reply to gtk-devel-list, or do you change To: manually every time you reply to the list? )

Martyn Russell wrote:
I have used both and I think it is obvious from just using it, let alone
the administrative advantages/disadvantages. I also think that Mikael
outlined exactly why Drupal would be the best choice for

I'll give my comments where I can and/but accept the final decision.

I currently use Cheetah [2] for a total website revamp [3, 4] and like
its simplicity and Python integration.

I am not sure we really need that with at this point. At the
moment it is a clear case (x)html/css update of the site and general
clean up.

As I know XHTML and CSS, I guess my starting point would be to check out
gtk-web, have a look at it and come back into the migration discussion,
as currently I'm just not qualified to give any comment, but I'm sure to
be able to lend a hand.

Also, after speaking with Tim further, we have decided to progress with
the site update without a CMS for the time being since we don't have the
hardware for it and the wait is likely to be several months.

I use Cheetah to generate static pages and think that performance should
not be wasted on dynamic generation where avoidable.

As a sidenote, I learned to use Rsync a short while ago thanks to the
great advice on the help pages - it solves many of the
hassles I had earlier with website uploads and backups.  My home
directory contains and similar scripts, together
with .rsync-filter-*.txt files.

Well, but I better have a look at existing GTK web practices before
making tons of that sort of comments :)

Felix Rabe

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