Re: Wimp tab rendering patch

> Sorry, I overlooked this message until now and just found your latest
> patch.  I will review this patch really soon, and if it looks okay I'll
> get it committed to svn.  Thanks a lot!

BTW, did you see my message (and the follow up) on ?

Comment #9 from charlet act-europe fr  (points: 11)
2007-04-19 10:31 UTC [reply]

There's still a memory leak in the case of e.g. Windows Classic style,
fixed by the following patch:

--- msw_style.c.old
+++ msw_style.c
@@ -2541,6 +2548,9 @@ draw_extension (GtkStyle * style,
                    HDC dc;
                    gint32 aPosition;

+                  if (real_gap_side == GTK_POS_BOTTOM)
+                      g_object_unref (pixmap);
                    dc = get_window_dc(style, window, state_type, x, y, width,
height, &rect);

                    if (real_gap_side == GTK_POS_TOP)

Could someone apply it ?


Comment #10 from Daniel Atallah (reporter, points: 8)
2007-04-19 14:29 UTC [reply]

The fix for comment #9, and an additional fix for the LEFT/RIGHT tabs is in Bug


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