Re: Wimp tab rendering patch

On Sun, 2007-04-01 at 21:46 +0200, Lieven van der Heide wrote:
> I made a new version which should work with tabs at any side, and
> also,
> the stretched packing seems to work fine now.
> My patch is still against revision 17429. Maybe someone can test it,
> and if it
> works I can merge it with cody's changes (It will probably conflict if
> I do an
> update right now).
> On my computer, GPS looks fine aswell. If you still have those
> problems, could you make
> a screenshot of it? I will have a look at the notebook source to see
> how the
> rectangle is calculated, and try to match it in the theming code. 

Sorry, I overlooked this message until now and just found your latest
patch.  I will review this patch really soon, and if it looks okay I'll
get it committed to svn.  Thanks a lot!

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