Gtk+ Volunteer tasks

Hi All.

The "State of the Gtk+ Maintenance" email outlined several tasks that
can be accomplished by non-senior Gtk+ developers:
Since that email was sent out, many people have asked for concrete advice
on how they can help the Gtk+ project.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any formal setup or even semi-
structured process to utilize such voluntary offers. So, one suggestion
that was raised was to start a voluntary task list, where people can
sign up for individual tasks to help Gtk+ project maintenance and
I found this particular suggestion to be a very good idea and would like
to suggest that we:

1) Create a openly-editable wiki page with a Gtk+ project task list; note
   that this is different from the "Gtk+ Love Bug List" started by Xan:
   because it's about non-bug tasks that can help the project.
   I've started construction of this at:

2) The tasks should be signed up for by individual volunteers (or maybe
   multiple volunteers as needed) who want to work on particular items
   quasi regularly. People should also remove their entries if they have
   to step back from tasks at some point, so others know which tasks are
   up for grabs.

3) The actual task list is subject to change as we identify needs of the
   project. Below i've collected initial ideas that seem suitable for Gtk+
   at this point and that borrow positions from other projects.

4) Embrace new contributors by making it easy for them to gain commit
   rights for non critical sections (gtk-web, doc) and for code changes
   as long as there's still some core developer review (e.g. by IRC
   requests + pastebin patch sighting).

Here comes the tentative initial task list, I'm open for any
comments/critics to improve or adapt this:

Permanennt Tasks:
  | Gtk+ Project Task Description                | Person in charge [*]     |
  | Bug testing & triaging; [1]                  |                          |
  | Patch testing & committing; [2]              |                          |
  | Patch/bug monitoring & filing; [3]           |                          |
  | Website (*content*) maintainer; [4]          |                          |
  | FAQ maintainer; [5]                          |                          |
  | Spam handling on mailing lists               | moderator gnome org      |

Transient Tasks:
  | Gtk+ Project Task Description                | Person in charge [*]     |
  | Canvas evaluation moderator; [6]             |                          |

  IRC Channel:	#gtk+ on GimpNet
  API docs:
  GLib Bugs:
  Gtk+ Bugs:

[*] Please sign up for a task by adding your real name and a working email
    address. Multiple people may sign up for a task, they should communicate
    with each other to avoid duplication of effort however.

[1] Bugs regularly need to be sorted out and patches filed therein need
    to be tested and possibly adapted. A detailed description is given here:
      (Re: Supporting Gtk+ Maintenance)

[2] Patch snippets that get pasted/submitted via email/irc/etc. and that
    core developers can approve off head still need to be actually applied,
    compiled, tested with our test suite, be committed and potentially back-
    merged onto other branches.
    Someone signing up for this should have reasonable C knowledge, hang
    out on #gtk+ and be frequently reachable via email. Ideally people
    signing up for this already have SVN commit access, if not, see: [x]

[3] Sometimes bugs are being described on mailing lists or IRC without any
    record being taken on them in Bugzilla. It'd help to have someone who
    is responsible to wade through all emails on gtk-devel-list (and if
    possible other Gtk+ mailing lists and #gtk+) to make sure no bug
    description or patch snippet is lost by asking people to file bugs in
    Bugzilla and by filing things himself if necessary. It'd be nice for
    multiple people to sign up here, to split the mailing list loads.
    An SVN project related Google talk shortly describes this position in
    the SVN project:
      (How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People)

[4] The Gtk+ website is kept in the gtk-web SVN module
    and needs regular updates and fixes. At some points even redesigns may
    be in order. This task requires monitoring gtk-devel-list for possible
    new website content and some self interest in cleaning up the current
    site. (about SVN access: [x])

[5] Many questions are regularly being asked and answered on the Gtk+ mailing
    lists and on the IRC channels. Frequently asked questions with answers
    should be collected and need to be integrated into the Gtk+ FAQ,
    tutorial or sometimes even the reference documentation:
    (about SVN access: [x])

[6] Someone needs to lead/nurture the effort to collect Gtk canvas
    requirements from the community and in a second stage evaluate existing
    canvas projects for Gtk+ project inclusion feasibility as described in
    topic (4) during FOSDEM:
      (Minutes of the GTK+ meeting at FOSDEM)

[x] In order to get started with a task that requires commit privileges,
    such as gtk-web module editing, do the following:
    - sign up for the task, possibly communicate with other volunteers;
    - submit small patches in diff -up format via email to
      gtk-devel-list gnome org or another contributor who already has
      commit rights;
    - after some initial mutual familiarization phase, you can apply for
      an SVN account if you have the backing of some core developer:


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