Re: Widget Overlays

Hi Tim,

I am developing a CAD application and would like to implement a circular
pop-up menu for performing certain editing functions, similar to the one
shown at but
not quite as hideous.

Thanks for suggesting gtk_widget_shape_combine_mask(), that would deal
with transparency I guess. Would this be a case where creating a GTK
window of type GTK_WINDOW_POPUP would be appropriate?



Tim Janik wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Matthew Bucknall wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I'm working on a UI where I would like, at times, to overlay some icons
>> on top of a window's normal layout when the user performs certain
>> operations, similar to the way tool tips appear, except I want the user
>> to be able to click on these icons, or use the window as normal.
> an actual use case description would help here. why
> do you need this kind of setup in the first place?
>> I've considered hovering undecorated 'always above' top-level windows
>> above my main window, but the icons are not rectangular in shape, so I
>> need to deal with transparency (I don't know how), and I also need to
>> control their position relative to the main window with pixel precision
>> otherwise things are just going to look wonky.
> see gtk_widget_shape_combine_mask():
>> Thanks,
>> Matt.
> ---
> ciaoTJ

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