Re: Widget Overlays

On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Matthew Bucknall wrote:


I'm working on a UI where I would like, at times, to overlay some icons
on top of a window's normal layout when the user performs certain
operations, similar to the way tool tips appear, except I want the user
to be able to click on these icons, or use the window as normal.

an actual use case description would help here. why
do you need this kind of setup in the first place?

I've considered hovering undecorated 'always above' top-level windows
above my main window, but the icons are not rectangular in shape, so I
need to deal with transparency (I don't know how), and I also need to
control their position relative to the main window with pixel precision
otherwise things are just going to look wonky.

see gtk_widget_shape_combine_mask():



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