Re: GTK+ 2.10.4 released

OSX was missed also btw the change Behdad had me make effected it too.

On 9/25/06, Loïc Minier <lool+gnome via ecp fr> wrote:
On Mon, Sep 25, 2006, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> And the DFB backend was indeed found to be broken by the gtk-gnome
> Debian team when they tried to build a DFB flavour of GTK for use in the
> debian-installer.

 I just cvs updated the gtk-2-10 branch, and it's still lacking these
 - replace "stuc" with "stub" in gtk/
 - missing gtk/gtkplug-stub.c and gtksocket-stub.c files in the tarball
 - fixes from this commit:
    2006-09-13 Michael Emmel <mike emmel gmail com>
       * gdk/directfb/gdkcolor-directfb.c small clean ups include order
       * gdk/directfb/gdkwindow-directfb.c fixed beep compile error
       * gdk/directfb/ removed GDK_PIXBUF_DISABLE_DEPRECATED
           GDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED to allow compile per Behdad

     (I've backported these files from HEAD:

> Is there a way to check if the DirctFB backend builds correctly before a
> major GTK relase, like (i guess) is done for X and win32 backends?

 Would be nice.

Loïc Minier <lool dooz org>
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