Re: Plans for gnome-vfs replacement

Ok, at the risk of sounding a bit picky, can you clarify the following:

Il giorno lun, 18/09/2006 alle 18.12 +0200, Alexander Larsson ha
> I'd like to call "user document files". These are the kind of files
> you open, save, or download from the internet to look at. Applications
> that use these would like highlevel operations that match the kind
> of operations you use on them, like read-entire-file, save-file,
> copy-file, etc. 


> I've been doing some initial sketching of the glib API, and I've
> started by introducing base GInputStream and GOutputStream similar to
> the stream objects in Java and .Net. These have async i/o support and
> will make the API for reading and writing files nicer and more
> modern. There is also a GSeekable interface that streams can
> optionally implement if they support seeking.

So it's not clear to us if you are aiming at a low-level stream-based
api or at a higher level document based api. Or maybe both, implementing
the latter on top of the first.

Does a stream based api gives us any substantial improvement over the
current posix-like approach? I may well be wrong but I fear that mapping
stream operations to things like ftp or http can lead to similar issues
to the ones we have now...



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