Re: Plans for gnome-vfs replacement

Il giorno lun, 18/09/2006 alle 18.12 +0200, Alexander Larsson ha
> I'd like to propose using a stateful model, where you have to
> explicitly initiate a session ("mount" a share) before you can start
> accessing files. This will give a well specified time when all forms
> of authentication will happen, when applications expect it and when
> they can use a more expressive and suitable API for this kind of
> operation. The actual i/o operations will then never cause any sort of
> authentication issues, and can thus be purely non-graphical
> (i.e. glib-only apps can do i/o). I imagine all/most actual mounting
> of shares will happen in the file manager and the file selector, or at
> gnome-session startup, so applications don't really need to handle
> this themselves.

I was talking with Paolo about this and we were a bit concerned about
the above paragraph... How it would work for the case where I simply
want to drag an URI from firefox to gedit to open the file[1]?



[1]: This doesn't work right now, the uri is pasted in the text view,
however I am pretty sure it's a gedit bug and that it used to work some
time ago...

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