Re: Reloading keymap under DirectFB

On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:

Attilio Fiandrotti schrieb:
Sven Neumann wrote:

Why is reloading the keymap needed in the first place? I suggest that
this is fixed in DirectFB instead of adding an API for the sole purpose
of working around what appears to be a bug in DirectFB.

In the graphical debian-installer, which is GTKDFB based, the user
chooses his native language at a early stage, and from that point on the
keymap must match the choosed language.
Manually reloading the keymap is an a acceptable workaround, but of
course having DFB automatically doing that would be a better option:
dok, could this be implemented in some future DFB release?

I agree with Sven that the toolkit is not responsible for telling
the input driver about an updated kernel keymap.

the toolkit handles this in the case of the X11 backend.

The way of selecting a keymap is very specific to the underlying
system, but how far is it supported via GDK at all? How does Gnome
change the keymap? Are all GTK+ instances notified about a switch to
flush certain states or cached information?

X11 has it's own mechanism for keymap changes, applications
receive a MappingNotify event upon such changes. you can grep
for gdk_keymap_.*_changed in the gdk sources to read up on the
related code portions and of course consult X11 docs.

Best regards,
  Denis Oliver Kropp


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