Re: [GLIB] Routines that call g_return_if_fail() etc hang/crash [WinXP]

Olumide writes:
 > on my Windows XP machine, any GTS function that uses the
 > g_return_if_fail() or any function in the family causes the
 > function to hang/fail/not return. Is this normal/documented
 > behavior?

Of course not. What exactly do you mean with hang/fail/not return?

 > How can I get past it?

Impossible to say... Is the code built with G_DISABLE_CHECKS defined?
In that case the g_return_if_fail() etc macros expand to nothing. What
is the code actually doing when you say it "hangs"? Does it use any
CPU? Can you get any stack trace from when the code hangs?  (Using
sysinternals's Process Explorer, for instance.)


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