Why extension events are disabled by default?


Does anyone happen to have an explanation why extension events are
disabled by default in gtk? Having a pressure sensitive touchscreen it
would be nice to deliver the pressure information all the way to the
applications, but I'm seeing it's awkward to have the pressure
information available globally.

For one, one needs to explicitly enable (gdk_devices_list() +
gdk_device_set_mode()) "known" devices first to get extensions events in
the first place.

Second, one needs to enable extension events on per-widget basis

Third, the above doesn't seem to really work as expected with all
widgets, for example, GtkButtons. (There's no effect with GTK_NO_WINDOW
widgets apparently.)

So, I'm wondering why wouldn't the devices be automatically configured
to deliver pressure information and similary why aren't all widgets
getting extension events by default (performance issues maybe?) Is there
a way around the GTK_NO_WINDOW limitation? It feels like complicating
the idea of having pressure information available everywhere, for no
good reason.

Tommi Komulainen                            <tommi komulainen nokia com>

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