Re: Bug with custom cell renderers in gtk-2.10.x

On Sat, 2006-10-21 at 21:19 +0100, Peter Clifton wrote:

> Is it a subclassed text-view? As I understand it, you have to implement
> the GtkCellEditable interface. (Or is it a custom renderer you need? - I
> can't remember).

Yes, it is a sub-classed text view which adds a few methods and
implements the GtkCellEditable interface.  Well, it doesn't actually
override any of the GtkCellEditable methods since that isn't necessary,
it simply tells the GType system that it can be used as a cell editable.
I wonder why vanilla GtkTextView doesn't do this.

> Anyway, in the application I observed the bug in, it was fixed by
> setting the "height-request" property on the text-view when it was
> created to do the editing. We set this to the height of the cell, which
> (give or take padding errors), appears to do the trick.

Yep, that seems to fix the issue.  Thanks.

> I still wounder if the text-view ought to specify a height-request which
> is big enough for at least one line though?

Maybe.  But what about cells that contain multiple lines?  If the text
view only requested enough pixels for one line, it'd still turn out to
be too small and the workaround you describe above would still be


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