Event Translation Customization from DirectFB to Gtk+

Hi All,
I have Gtk+ on top of DirectFB setup for an arm device.
The specific device I am using does not have a mouse.
The keyboard it supports, has only a limited set of keys.
I want to dynamically map the custom key symbols ( that I am generating from my limited keypad ) to
GDK_Up and GDK_Down
The purpose of this mapping is to use the in-build functionality of Gtk+ for jumping between the widgets or use widget default behavior.
I believe this will make application development easier. 
For that I have added a map  in gdk_directfb_translate_key_event to provide the translation based on the application context.
The fields I am modifying are
By this modification, I am trying create the GDK event as that, which would have got created for keyboard up_key.
I am receiving the event in the application with the same details as if up_key on keyboard is pressed. But the default behavior of the keyboard does not take place on the widget under focus.
Has anyone experienced a similar issue while porting Gtk to their devices?
Thanks and regards,

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