Re: GtkSocket Support for Directfb.

This is not implemented you would need to implement all the socket
support yourself.

On 11/22/06, Karunakaran A <amirthakaruna tataelxsi co in> wrote:
Hi all,
I Need to create XEmbed Plugin for mozilla over directfb... For that i need
a window id (dfb_id) of DFB screen.

I'm using gtk+-2.10.1 source code. In that, I found that the function
"_gtk_socket_windowing_get_id()" which is defined in gtk/gtksocket-stub.c
returns zero for directfb.

But for X11 build the same "_gtk_socket_windowing_get_id()" function is
defined in gtksocket-x11.c (Not using the stub file) to return correct
window id.

1. I checked out the CVS version of gtk+ and build in that also the result
is same.!?!

2. I used GDK_WINDOW_DFB_ID macro with gdk/gdkdirectfb.h &
gdk/gdkprivate-direcfb.h as in include to get a id.
        It is giving build error that gdkinternals.h not found and
gdkdisplay-directfb.h not found.
        I added manually those headers into include path, then its build.
        But it is giving runtime error that, "Undefined symbol:

Any suggestion..?

Karunakaran A.

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