Re: --gtk-debug=updates not working ?

On Wed, 8 Nov 2006 06:47:44 +0100
"Milosz Derezynski" <internalerror gmail com> wrote:

> Is it maybe possible your app doesn't pass the command line args to Gtk+?
> If you're just using the default gtk_init() then it should  be ok and it's
> another problem. In our app for example, though, the initialization is more
> complex, and could lead to libgtk+ ignoring the arguments if we wouldn't add
> its option context ourselves.

Hi Milosz,

Yeah.. I should have mentioned that the args seem to be getting properly
passed to gtk; the --display option works as expected for instance.  Also
passing the --gtk-debug=updates option to a few other random apps on
this machine didn't work either...


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