GdkWindow ref counting

hey Owen.

i've just chased GdkWindow reference counts with the help of Mitch and Tko
and figured there's either a leak in Gdk or missing API docs.

basically, what i would have expected to work and not leak are:
1) w = gdk_window_new();
   gdk_window_destroy (w);
2) w = gdk_window_foreign_new (xid);
   gdk_window_destroy (w);
3) w = gdk_window_foreign_new();
   gdk_window_unref (w);

what can be observed is that (1) and (2) both yield new gdkwindow
objects with ref_count==2. also, (2) and (3) are apparently leaking
a GdkWindow with a single reference.

for the uninitiated,
has the docs on why
   w = gdk_window_new();
   gdk_window_unref (w);
can NOT be expected to work leak-free.

(1) appears to work, because gdk_window_destroy() does an unref and
an XDestroyWindow. when the corresponding DestroyNotify is released,
the second unref occours and the window is removed from the xid table

(2) however appears to leak one reference count, because we don't
issue XDestroyWindow for foreign gdk windows, and thus never trigger
the gdk_window_destroy_notify code.

also, note that (2) isn't always applicable for applications, because
gdk_window_foreign_new() may simply hand out a new reference to an
existing window if there already is a GdkWindow for this xid (and it
might even be a valid internal, i.e. "non-foreign" one).

that's why (3) should work for foreigns when it's not sure that the
xid is really a foreign one. however, this case is leaking for the
same reasons as (2).

now we're wondering whether there's really a leak here (basically
removing the additional g_object_ref near the end of foreign_new
could fix this, since it doesn't pair with a future DestroyNotify
to be received).

or, if that "leak" is established/promoted API practise already,
and users are actually expected to treat foreigns like:

4) w = gdk_window_foreign_new();
     gdk_window_destroy (w);
   gdk_window_unref (w);

to avoid leaks.

in any case, the intended usage should be made clear in the docs
(it's prolly foreign_new that needs amending here), and properly
documented in the code (i.e. we should add comments next to
go_bject_ref in gdk_window_new and foreign_new which state what
the paired unref is).

as an aside, we wondered whether there's a reason that
gdk_window_destroy does *not* guard its unref call into

gdk_window_destroy (GdkWindow *window)
  _gdk_window_destroy_hierarchy (window, FALSE, FALSE); // this function DOES guard it's body with !GDK_WINDOW_IS_DESTROYED()
  g_object_unref (window);

thanks for consideration.


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