Re: Tooltips patch [take 1]

Hi, just a small comment:
If we want the new tooltip code to be really useful on touchscreen mode,
we need a way to emit the query-tooltip signal on insensitive widgets on
button press. The current behaviour is not very useful in a touchscreen

BR, Xan

El jue, 26-10-2006 a las 16:37 +0200, ext Kristian Rietveld escribió:
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 04:42:02PM +0200, Kristian Rietveld wrote:
> > I am almost done processing all of your comments.  I think it's a good
> > idea to post a patch here once more and then commit on HEAD and continue
> > from there.
> I think I finally managed to process Tim's comments, so here is another
> iteration of the tooltips patch.  Biggest changes are:
>  - Event handling and "widget finder" have basically been rewritten
>    using Tim's comments.
>  - Code to handle screen-changed and display closure has been added.
>  - All timeouts are now configurable through GtkSettings.
>  - gtk-tooltip RC style, and lots of small changes.
> Some thoughts:
>  - The positioning code might need some more love, for example I don't fully
>    like the behaviour in tree view yet.  Though a tooltip following
>    the mouse pointer on the tree view is probably pretty annoying.
>    Also the header and row tooltips show up at the same location
>    when still in browse mode (we can fix this to determine the location
>    based on GdkWindow instead of GtkWidget, but that breaks other stuff
>    again).
>  - I will fill in the doc comments as soon as this code hits CVS.
> thanks,
> -kris.
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