Print preview

A lot of good arguments for and against external preview have been made
in the last few days, which has certainly made it clear that there are benefits
and drawbacks to either approach. It seems clear that no solution is optimal
for all situations.

I'd like to propose that we go with and external preview application for 2.10
(if only for schedule reasons), but add api that lets applications
take over the
handling of the preview if they want. Further down the road, if a really good
preview widget appears (such a widget chould probably lend a lot of code
from the current libgnomeprintui preview),  we can integrate it and make
"internal previewer" one of the possible choices for the preview setting.

Since John already has a good start on getting the external previewer
to work, I guess the next question is, how would a minimal api look like
that lets apps take over the preview ? One thing that comes to mind
is a

gboolean ( *preview) (GtkPrintOperation *operation,

signal. What else is needed ?

Regards, Matthias

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