#80127 Rubberbanding issues

Hey all,

A few months ago I have been working on a rubberbanding feature for
GtkTreeView.  It is basically ready to go in CVS, but there are two issues
left which are worth discussing here:

  I. We are not fully sure how to handle the interaction between
     rubberbanding and DnD.  Right now we decide what to do when a drag
     starts, if the row where the drag started is selected we start a
     DnD operation.  If unselected, we start a rubberbanding operation.

     This works pretty okay, but I think it will break apps (nautilus, and
     probably some others) out there when enabled by default.  I see two
       - Either disable rubberbanding by default,
       - or come up with a method for deciding whether to DnD or rubberband
         without breaking current applications.

     I am tempted to go for disabling by default, and when enabled use
     the behaviour I described above.

 II. The rectangle color is currently hardcoded to black, since that looks
     best with the default theme.  Picking a shade of one of the theme
     colors for the rectangle color will not always turn out nice, so
     I think it might be a good idea to add a style property for this
     to GtkTreeView and default to black for the default theme.

Opinions?  Suggestions?



PS.  The patch is here for those interested:


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