Re: Concerns about print preview implementation

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Mon, 2006-05-15 at 18:44 +0200, Paolo Borelli wrote:
* As explained many times when evince was created, the evince UI is so neat because it was
thought with a clear use case in mind: multipages documents in portrait mode. However not all
gtk apps that do printing are document oriented: think of CAD apps, image editors and probably
others: is the evince UI well suited for previewing those documents?
In what way to you see the print preview widget ui will be significantly
different from that of evince though? Aren't they gonna be pretty
similar, with next/prev buttons and some way to zoom and scroll around.
Yes, that's true. However by using a normal widget the app could always
replace it with a custom or derived widget which provides actions
specific to their kind of document.

So, you want an API where you can completely replace the print preview

Well, saying that I "want" it, is a bit strong :)
We have made many other requests that are more pressing for us... still leaving the door open to the application to customize the preview widget sounds useful to me in the long run.

 * preview embedding: for instance gedit currently embeds the preview in the tab and we are pretty happy
with it. Sure, someone may argue that we should not do it, but I don't think that this kind of policy decisions
belong in a toolkit. Beside there may be other apps where an embedded preview may make even more sense.
This does complicate the API a bit though. For instance, I'm not sure
how easy that would be to do with the win32 native dialogs.
I may be missing something here: note that by 'embedded' I mean embedded
in the app, not in the native dialog, so it would be a normal gtk

Still, there is a native dialog around, with all the mainloop vs win32
mainloop using native dialogs. I guess if we close the print dialog
when showing the print preview that might be solvable, but as I said
earlier, is that really the behaviour we want?
I see... I admit I did miss the discussion about this. Does win32 even allow to have a preview button in the print dialog? It's been a while since I last looked at a print dialog there, but I don't recall sucha a button.
Which programs currently show the preview keeping the print dialog open?
As far as I recall win32, OO.o, firefox, kde don't even allow to launch the preview from the print dialog, so usually you launch the preview and from the preview you launch the print dialog, but you can't do the other way around. gnomeprint programs currently allow to launch the preview from the print dialog by emitting a PREVIEW response and as far as I can see all the gnome programs close the print dialog.


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