i am having two problems ::

1) In my textview i want to erase some text in the end.

  for eg::
  my textiew contains

" Hello friend how are you? I am fine thank you. You tell me how are you? "

 Now i want to delete the last line "You tell me how are you?".
 I have two iterators, one is "start", pointing to the starting of
the sentence and the
 other is end, pointing to the end.

  will the command   "refbuffer->erase(start,end)"    delete the
desired line ??

  This is not deleting the desired  text.

  Please help me .

2)  Is there any refresh function  for widgets ??

    In my textview i am highlighting some text but after some time i
have to highlight some other text.
To do this automatically i need some refresh function.
The highlighting doesnt change until i move the scrollbar.
But if i make some kind of movements with my cursor, then it works fine.

Please help me,


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