Hi everyone!!
I need your help...
I built a window with glade_gtk,including an statusbar,but the problem is that i
want to write in the statusbar,different sentences telling me about the
process...just after click one button of my window.
Like this...
first: "processing file...."
(and after process it)
"end of process"

The code i'm using is this:


/********now,is my code about the process*****************/

gtk_statusbar_pop (GTK_STATUSBAR(statusbar1),1);                                


/********************close the process******************/

The problem is that during the process,the statusbar is empty,and when it
finished writes in the bar  "End...".

I tried to put sleep(5000) to delay the process(i thought that maybe the process
is so quikly)but neither happes)

Can you help me??
Thanks a lot!!!  

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