Re: GtkBuilder status

>> It'll be fairly easy to add support for this in the signal tag,
>> so you can specify the data argument. It would require two attributes
>> one for the data and one for the type, then you'd do:
>> <signal name="activated" handler="quit_cb" data="window1"
>>        data-type="GObject"/>
>> void quit_cb (GtkAction *action, GtkWindow *window);
> No sir, I don't want that action there! I want
> void my_cb (GtkWidget *window). It will be fairly easy
> to use connect_swapped, of source.

That already works:

<signal name="activated" handler="quit_cb" object="window1"/>

>> I never claimed GtkUIManager was perfect. I just said it was the
>> obvious way
>> of creating menus and toolbars. It might be overkill in smaller
>> applications, but if they use gtkbuilder they won't even notice.
> Well, I personally don't care about what's inside as long as I am not
> forced to know that. If everything will work just like as it did before
> (namely the "connect this callback to this menu item"), then it's
> perfectly fine.

Assuming s/menu item/action/, then it will.


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