Re: GtkBuilder status

>> [snip]
>> There should be only one obvious way of doing a specific task.
>> GtkUIManager is the currently the obvious way of creating menus and
>> toolbars
> Here you go, python programmer in action :)
> Seriously speaking, GtkUIManager is not and may not be perfect. The
> single fact that it doesn't know that
> an action may need data in addition to callback may make it very hard to
> use. While it's stupid to use
> glade-built menus in an application which does require merging ui, it's
> just overkill to use GtkUIManager
> in simple applications that have more than one window: I want a callback
> to be executed with the toplevel
> window as an argument, and I can do it in glade; but to do it in
> GtkUIManager I have to break my head
> or arms or write custom GtkAction subclass, or use g_object_set_data,,
> all in *code*, not in glade. And then,
> there is GtkToggleAction, GtkRadioAction, I need to create the actions
> themselves, all just because I can't
> make a simple menu in glade. It doesn't sound right.

It'll be fairly easy to add support for this in the signal tag,
so you can specify the data argument. It would require two attributes
one for the data and one for the type, then you'd do:

<signal name="activated" handler="quit_cb" data="window1"

void quit_cb (GtkAction *action, GtkWindow *window);

>> If you have any problems with GtkUIManager itself, start a dialog about
>> that, but it's a separate discussion unrelated to this.
> It's, err, wrong to claim that another piece of soft is perfect, and
> make this piece of soft "perfect assuming that's perfect",
> and say "is that's not perfect, complain about it, but this piece of
> soft will still assume that piece of soft is perfect".
> Are we living in ideal world yet?

I never claimed GtkUIManager was perfect. I just said it was the obvious way
of creating menus and toolbars. It might be overkill in smaller
applications, but if they use gtkbuilder they won't even notice.


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