Re: GtkBuilder status

Damon Chaplin wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-05-10 at 11:51 -0300, Johan Dahlin wrote:
>> We've made a couple of important decisions:
>> * GMarkup based parser which parses and creates the object tree in one step
>>   go instead of saprving a whole tree in memory.
>> * breaking xml format compatibility with libglade
>> * not supporting any deprecated or broken widgets
>> * only supporting menubar and toolbar construction through GtkUIManager
>> * custom/fake properties are not intended to be supported. Instead
>>   functionality relying on them needs to be rewritten.
> I don't really see the necessity of breaking the current xml format, or

Custom tags are added, which means that libglade will never be able to
load them and it's better to tell the user early on that using libglade
is not supported.

It also allows us to redesign the format, add support for objects, cleanup
glade specific hacks.

> not supporting the older widgets.

The older widgets are replaced by newer with the same functionality.
Gtk should only provide one obvious way of doing the same thing.
You are of course welcome to add support for the older widgets, but I am
not going to spend any time on it.

I'd prefer the current ui builders to be updated, they need to be updated
anyway if they are to support the custom tags for stores and sizegroups.

> I wouldn't mind if it supported alternatives to some of the
> special-cased stuff we have in the current xml, if they were obviously
> much better. But tweaking it slightly will just cause unnecessary
> hassle. (The switch to the glade-2 format was a pain in the neck.)

I understand your point of view, you'd like to avoid updating glade again
to support the new builder.

Until glade is updated, the users will be able use a script to convert from
the old format to the new format.

Johan Dahlin <jdahlin async com br>
Async Open Source

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