Re: GTK+ Mac OS X state of the union

Michael L Torrie wrote:
Yup this indeed a stickler.  Given the current hodge-podge of menu
creating routines, plus the fact that menus are abstract in GTK (pop-up
menus, menubars, etc) doing this in an automated way seems to be very
difficult.  I would be in favor of adding an API that could take a
GtkMenu tree object and stick it up on the OS X menu bar.

A separate api is probably needed. OS X applications can and should display menu bars when no top-level windows are open. Also the preferences, quit, and possibly other items should be on the menu with the applications name on it instead of the file menu.

I'm assuming that the goal is an application that looks & feels as native as possible and not to replicate the X11 / gnome look & feel. Both are reasonable goals, but I suspect that more OS X users want native look & feel.

Is it possible to build gtk for native OS X via jhbuild?


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