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Il giorno 28/mar/06, alle ore 09:56, Anders Carlsson ha scritto:


For the last three months I've been working on making the GTK+ Mac OS X port in a somewhat feature-complete state so we can slap a "1.0" tag on
it. The progress (as well as the remaining items) can be found on

I am eager to have a native Gtk+ port on Mac Os X because I hate the poor level of integration of OpenOffice and other Gtk based tools on Mac.

So I want to thank you for your work.

The most challenging task remaining now is to make GTK+ use the built-in double-buffering features that exist in Mac OS X; I have sort of an idea on how to do this and I'll send off a proposal shortly to the list, since
this most certainly changes some of the low-level parts of GDK)

We at Imendio always welcome help, there's a list of things to do availabe
on with
varying degrees of difficulty.

I considered to see wether I could help with this work. I do not write code that frequently, but I hoped I could be useful...

I managed to install the Gtk machinery on my ibok. I installed all the tools in the reuired version, and then all the libraries, one by one...

Now the point is that I have a really impressive bunch of code on my machine ! Pango, Cairo, atk, Gtk... wow !

I don't understand all this code ! Who does call who, when ? What's the intended model ?

How am I supposed to flip inside the framework ?

Is there any class diagram or collaboration diagram or any other kind of diagram ?

I considered Eclipse with the c++ module but it crashes :-(

I considered some Emacs based tools but learning Emacs is something that could be more demanding than porting the whole thing perfectly

How do you use to deal with this problem ?

Does it at least seems reasonful to you or you just don't feel it ?

Thanks so much

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