Re: New tooltips API, continued

On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 10:12:31AM +0000, Martyn Russell wrote:
> > The owner arguments are there for allowing proper handling of nested tooltips
> > areas.  The idea for making this a GObject was taken over from Owen's
> > original plan.  It can be any GObject: a widget, a GdkWindow, etc.  We might
> > change this during the implementation phase when needed.
> >From a user's point of view, it doesn't really feel right making owner a
> GObject, a GtkWidget would fit better with the rest of the API IMO.

That'd exclude GdkWindow for example.  I guess a decision on this will
be made when refining/finalizing the implementation and API.

> > 6. Random thoughts:
> >   - Maybe we want to name the tooltip window "GtkTooltipWindow" instead of
> >     "GtkTooltipsWindow", since the window displays a single tooltip?
> I prefer GtkTooltipWindow personally.

Yeah, me too.

> >   - Maybe we want to add support to have the way the tooltips are drawn
> >     controlled by themes?  Currently there is a tooltip detail for the
> >     flat box, but this might not suffice for the new API.  We might want to
> >     have shaped windows?
> I think this could be interesting. Tooltips with widgets on them might
> look weird unless they follow controlled themes. 
> I think that having shaped windows would be pretty cool, but perhaps a
> themed shape otherwise you might get apps having tooltip windows in
> different shapes to other apps - which would ruin the consistency on the
> desktop.

Yes, my original intention was to have the look of the tooltip
controlled completely by the theme (if possible).



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