Re: Gtk+ print support - request for feedback

Jody Goldberg wrote:

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 10:31:10AM +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 13:25 -0600, Albert Chin wrote:
On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 04:58:39PM +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
The code consists of several parts. First we have the highlevel
portable print API that most apps are supposed to use, plus
implementations for win32 and unix. Then we have the code for the Unix
print dialog which is used for the unix implementation of the
highlevel code, but is also availible on unix only for apps like OOo
and Firefox to use as a "native" print dialog. The dialog is split
into common code and code implementing cups support. The cups support
is hidden behind a backend interface, and the long term plan is to
make it a module (like immodules or pixbuf loaders). However at the
moment its just linked in.
So, what about systems without CUPS?
All the cups code is in a backend that will be a loadable module. It
will be possible to implement other backends, and its likely we'll add a
super-stupid system("lpr")-based backend as a generic fallback. If you
want anything other than that you need to bring out the editor and start
helping out.

We should be able to re-use chunks of gnomeprint's lpr/printcap backend.
As well as the PAPI backend.  I was hoping to get some free time next
week to look at Alexander's work and try to put together a PAPI
backend for it.  That would cover interaction with RFC1179 server
like lpd/lprng/..., IPP servers like CUPS/SolarisLP/..., and direct to
Solaris LP (on Solaris).


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