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On 3/9/2006 5:31 PM, Yevgen Muntyan wrote:

> I agree. Can we please get entry in FileChooser?

Try ctrl+L.  Assuming that's what you mean.

>> As a random example, a piece of software I maintain had an option for
>> whether or not to show application icons in a menu for over a year
>> before I discovered the global gtk-menu-images setting.
> Err, and? It sounds rather like an argument against gtk-menu-images
> setting.

Exactly.  Or, more general, an argument against having a large number of
global settings -- for any purpose -- including the one you want to

> Or like an example of why people should read api docs ;)

I do.  Almost daily.  But why would I expect there to be a global
setting for whether or not to display icons in menus?  Especially when
no DE I've used (disclaimer: I haven't used GNOME since 2.2, so this may
have been added) includes a global preference for this in a user-visible

By the same token, why would I, as a hypothetical text entry widget
author, expect there to be a global preference dealing with selection
handling?  You probably would, because you seem to care a great deal
about it.  But why would someone -- especially someone who is happy with
the current behavior -- think about it?


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