Re: selected text is PRIMARY?

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

It's not really gtk that's in the wrong here - IMHO mozilla/firefox is
mozilla allows user having multiple selections, and it doesn't
clear selection when you select something else. It's not buggy,
it's correct (not for everyone, of course).
The document you posted link to tells about what X selection is
and what happens when you select text/do whatever. Question
is not what gtk does, we know that.
Question is "why am I not allowed to have multiple selections?"
"Because of X" is not the right answer.

Some people believe there should be not more than one piece
of selected text and they know about X selections and stuff, and
are happy with that; another people believe that they should be
able to have as many selections as they wish, like they select text
to highlight it or use Ctrl-C to copy it to clipboard.
These two points of view are both valid, this is why I am proposing
a choice.

Best regards,

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